Peace Diner Project #7 Completed!

This time we had prepared and distributed 80 character bento, charaben, to people in need. Initially we were not into the idea of making time-consuming charaben boxes but somehow we managed to prepare 80 as planned. Thank you very much for those coming early to get meal tickets in this extremely hot weather.

Our first Charaben

This time we got donated sweets from Miyochan-san, boxes of beverages from Taguchi-san, candies, hand sanitizer, thermos water bottles from Ito-Yokado, and another box of beverages and sweets from Ito Clinic – all for children to go home with!.
We also got a box of beverages from a neighborhood gentleman who used to be a kick-boxer himself, and 10,000 yen note from a passer-by lady.

We feel that we are being accepted and recognized by a local community! A big thank you also goes to our special guest Miburo Kazuki, a current champion of Krush kick boxing games, and a Krush commentator Naoki Ishikawa, both of who taught fun of kick boxing to children.

With continued support with our volunteer members, we were able deliver 80 Peace-Dinner-special character bento boxes and 100 cups of shaved ice. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!









Peace Diner Project reports

By Naho Katsumura -student volunteer member-

Peace Diner Project #1> Following our first Peace Diner Project which was adversely affected by heavy rain, we have been able to see some future tasks to help us improve our handling of the project. In the first place, we would need to make the Peace Diner known as the place to offer delicious bento boxes and fun events to local residents. Next we would have to know where we can best serve our meals to those in need.

#2> As we kicked off preparing for the Peace Diner Second Project, we handed out 500 flyers to single-parent households and elderly living on their own near our base, the Kitchen Getten restaurant. We have also won a full support from the Kosodate Palette, a NGO group which supports single mothers, who kindly sent out an event notification through a LINE sns apps. On our second event day on April 17, we were thrilled to see a long queue of families wanting to get a meal ticket at our store opening at 11:00. All our teriyaki chicken bento boxes were given away in a blink of an eye. Yay!


#3> The Peace Diner project #3 was held on May 22. The menu of the day was Indian curry rice and coleslaw salad. Apparently, Indian curry lunch is very popular among elderly people living alone because they don’t cook curry once their children become adult and independent. Our bento was very popular and we ended up giving out more than we had expected.

#4> On June 19, we had our fourth Peace Diner project. Since Tokyo has entered the rainy season, it was raining heavily and reminded us our struggle on our first Peace Diner event day. However, we were able to give out 60 lunch boxes by lunch time after seeing a long queue at 11 o’clock when we started to hand out meal tickets. Our menu for this project was “Stewed Hamburger Steak” with sliced chicken ham salad as side dish. Despite a heavy workload, we were able to hand out meal boxes on time thanks to many and supportive volunteers. This time we were lucky enough to be given free Umaibo stick-shaped snack, a bag full of rice from a small orphanage firm, and vegetables and sweet pineapples from Adachi-ward association to support the Kodomo Shokudo, which helps to provide free meals to children in poverty. A long-established seaweed store, Morihan Nori Store, has also donated us packs of dried seaweed sheets. We are really thankful for those who support our projects in many ways. Next time is our summer holiday special, and we plan to host our project twice a month. Keep tuned for our updates!

all homemade dishes!


ピース食堂 第5回7/17(土)、第6回8/1(日)開催決定!


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